About Us


​​Here at boost beauty spa we offer a variety of services at affordable prices. We offer safe, non-surgical services for fat removal from troublesome areas (e.g. belly, back ,arms), skin tightening, cellulite treatment & butt lifting. We also offer other pampering & rejuvenating services such as body detox (sauna bag), vaginal steam (v-steam), vajacials, foot bath detox ,ear candling & teeth whitening. Also, if you are looking for something special to do for mommy or daddy's little princess on her special day, we offer a kid's spa party package. Party of over 8 requires 3 days advance notice.


​After getting some body sculpting services done myself, seeing the results and how confident it made me feel again after having 3 kids and 2 C-sections, I wanted to help others feel the same. The fat reduction services we offer are a less expensive alternative to cosmetic surgery. They are effective, non-invasive and require no downtime for recovery. Depending on the problem areas you need treatment and the desired results the individual is looking for, the number of sessions required may vary. The procedures themselves are not painful but some mild and brief soreness may be present around the treatment areas.